Order Specification Patterns


This is a scalable pattern. We describe the intent of the 1 stimulus - 2 response version here.

To describe a relationship between a stimulus event (P) and a sequence of two response events (S,T) in which the occurrence of the stimulus event must be followed by an occurrence of the sequence of response events within the scope. In state-based formalisms, the states satisfying the response must be distinct (i.e., S and T must be true in different states to count as a response), but the response may be satisfied by the same state as the stimulus (i.e., P and S may be true in the same state).

Example Mappings

Examples and Known Uses

If a resource allocator grants a process access to a resource (GrantRes), the process will start using the resource (BeginRes) and finish using the resource (EndRes).


This pattern is a generalization of the Response pattern. If you wish to restrict the occurrence of states/events between stimuli or responses use the the Constrained Response Chain pattern.

This is an Order pattern.